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The Road

So my wife and I are hatching a plan.  My new project allows me to work anywhere there is Internet.  Just need to make it to DC (where we live now) a couple times a week.  So, this will finally allow us to move back down South somewhere.  She’s from NC and I’m from AL.  The problem is, nothing is really pulling us to anyone city.  

While on a road trip back home I was doing some work while she drove.  That’s pretty much when it hit us, we actually don’t have to live anywhere, let alone one place.  So the plan was hatched.  Let’s do a huge road trip (3 months, 6 months, who knows) across the country.  We can live on the road while I work remotely. When I need to come back to DC, we’ll plan to be by an airport.  

All this is just an idea right now, but one that actually might work.  Next step is planning.   For now, we’re looking at trucks and travel trailers.  As you can see we’ve posted a few trucks so far.  I’ll keep y’all posted if and when things develop. 

  1. dieyounglivefast said: This is the greatest plan I’ve ever heard. Where in Alabama are you from? I’m from Birmingham.
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